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First Commercial Application for Elan Automation in the Middle East.

Ramada Hotel


Conference & Banqueting Room
Ramada Hotel Conference Room

Ramada Hotel Conference Room

Panasonic PT-EX600E 6000 Ansi Lumen Projector
Panasonic Projector

Panasonic PT-EX600E 6000 Ansi Lumen Projector

1 of 6 Samsung 46″ LED TV’s
Samsung 46” LED TV

Samsung 46” LED TV For Recess Area

Samsung TV For Small Recess Area

150" Motorised Projection Screen

Linksys & Smart-e
Smart-e For Control

Smart-e For Control

Sennheiser XSW35 Radio Mic & Body Pack
Sennheiser Radio Microphone

Sennheiser XSW35 Radio Microphone

Apple iPad 16 Gb
Apple iPad 16 Gb

Apple iPad 16 Gb For Ramada Hotel, Muscat

iRoom iDock
iRoom iDock

iRoom iDock

Apple iPad 16 Gb
Apple iPad 16 Gb

Apple iPad 16 Gb For Ramada Hotel

Bright Lights Trading LLC in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman were proud to win the tender to provide a first-class, up to the minute audio visual system for the conference and banqueting room at the Four Star Ramada Muscat Hotel.

The invitation to tender stipulated that the system should be suitable for events with up to 60 persons seated; with all having full view to any presentations, including those sat in a small recess area in the front part of the room.

The hotel we believe is the first in the Sultanate of Oman to utilise the iRoom iDock and Apple iPad 16 Gb.  The iRoom iDock is the world’s first motorised docking system that actually mounts an iPad in the wall rather than on the wall. A proximity sensor automatically opens the dock when someone is nearby so it is ready for iPad insertion or removal. The door automatically closes after 10 seconds and the proximity sensor can be disabled if required for security measures.

When the iPad is securely inside the iDock will charge its battery, while integrated composite audio inputs allow it to be hooked up to a sound system and the iPad used as an audio source. In the event of a power failure, the iDock will automatically open so the iPad isn’t trapped inside.

Another first for Bright Lights is the use of equipment from Elan in a hotel environment. ELAN Home Systems has designed innovative, award-winning multi-room audio video and home control systems since 1989 and these have been proved to be entirely compliant for commercial applications also.

The S86A Integrated Multi-Room A/V Controller from Elan is one of the most versatile, scalable, and feature-rich multi-room entertainment systems available today.

Eight audio/video inputs allow you to choose from all your audio and video sources – CDs, DVDs, Satellite Radio, TV and everything on your iPod®. The sights and sounds of all these can be relayed independently to up to 6 different rooms. Up to four controllers can be linked together, providing complete flexibility to create customised systems throughout a building.

With many powerful features such as bass, treble, loudness EQ and programmable turn-on levels for each zone, whole-house music, and A/V source-sensing for system feedback at keypads and touch panels the S86A has it all.  Its integrated 12-channel x 40 WPC amplifier pumps all the clean musical power you need to speakers in every room.

The ELAN HC4 System Controller features all the Base and Pro App capability of other controllers and is a cost effective and wholly powerful Audio and Visual Controller. It connects to four RS-232 devices, two relay controlled devices, includes two sensor inputs, and has two IR outputs that can be expanded to many more by using IR connecting blocks.

Compact can, or wall-mounted, the HC4 Supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Interface devices and is compatible with network attached storage (NAS) drives to access photos, music and store security camera video.

List of Equipment Installed

  • 1 x iRoom iDock
  • 1 x Apple iPad 16 Gb
  • 2 x Panasonic PT-EX600E 6000 Ansi Lumen Projector
  • 2 x 150″ Motorised Projection Screens
  • 6 x Samsung 46” LED TV
  • 2 x Samsung 1/3″ Varifocal Lens
  • 2 x Samsung SCB-3000P Video Cameras
  • 2 x Sennheiser XSW35 Radio Microphone System
  • 2 x Sennheiser XSW12 Presentation Set
  • 1 x Elan D600 Power Amplifier
  • 1 x Elan S86A Integrated Multi-Room A/V Controller
  • 1 x ELAN HC4 System Controller
  • 8 x Smart-e SLX-RX100
  • 2 x Smart-e SLX111 TX/RX Pair
  • 1 x Smart-e SNX-8×8 Video Matrix
  • 8 x Smart-e SLX-RX100
  • 1 x Smart-IP Web Browser for Control of Matrix