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Christies Projectors From Bright Lights, Muscat

In today’s world, image isn’t everything – it’s the only thing.  Christie offers the broadest range of projectors and integrated projection solutions for every display application and budget. Without question, Christie’s projection solutions offer high performance – with high brightness, high resolution and high contrast.

Efficient, cost-effective display projection with brilliant image quality are the qualities that make Christie projection products the preferred choice by the world’s leading businesses. Christie offers projection technologies for meeting rooms, conference rooms, houses of worship, auditoriums, broadcast studios, large and small audience events, retail advertising and much more.

Without question, Christie’s projectors and projection solutions deliver high performance, high brightness, high resolution and high contrast images. With this high performance comes exceptional ease of installation and design flexibility to meet the needs of virtually every application. Christie offers the widest range of projection and display equipment, including:

•LCD projectors

•1-chip DLP® projectors

•3-chip DLP projectors

•3D projectors

•Christie MicroTiles®

•Moving Digital Luminaires – Christie Nitro Solutions

•Presentation systems

Any investment with Christie is returned with consistent, reliable performance, and powerful images. Their products feature the latest in XGA, WXGA, SXGA, 1080 HD, WUXGA and 2K resolutions with exceptional colour, brightness, and high contrast.

Perfect Present For The Frequent Traveller

  Sennheiser MM 550-X Headphones

Sennheiser MM 550-X Headphones are perfect for the frequent traveller and are available from Bright Lights Trading, the official dealer in Oman for Sennheiser.

Click here to see the Official Sennheiser Product Video for MM 550-X Travel Headphones

You can tell the frequent fliers by the fact that they have high-end, over-the-ear models of noise cancelling headphones. They are the first thing to come out of the carry-on and the last to go back in during a flight. Sennheiser MM 550-X Headphones are a must.

A must for travelers, the MM 550-X TRAVEL comes with Sennheiser’s TalkThrough™ function, which lets you speak to a friend or flight attendant without removing the headset. Just press a button and an external invisible microphone lets you hear everything that is going on around you. When you are flying, simply connect the cable provided in the convenient travel case and keep listening.

The MM 550-X TRAVEL comes with volume and playlist controls integrated on the ear cup, to save you from scrabbling for your mobile phone, iPod, iPad or laptop. And because the closed-back capsule design of the ear caps enhances passive noise reduction, you can keep your music entirely personal and relax in the knowledge that you won’t be irritating fellow travelers.

You will enjoy your music and hands-free communication with these Sennheiser MM 550-X over-the-ear headphones that feature SRS WOW HD technology for improving older tracks and poor-quality recordings and a TalkThrough function that lets you communicate with those around you by simply pressing a button.

No matter how noisy your environment, NoiseGard™ 2.0 active noise canceling technology cuts out the background noise that makes it difficult to carry out normal conversations without raising your voice. Connect it wirelessly to your mobile, laptop, iPad or any other Bluetooth®-enabled device and take charge of phone and Skype calls, music or audio books.

The Sennheiser MM 550-X Headphones are the top-of-the-line in wireless headsets. This Bluetooth enabled gem provides unrivalled stereo sound, call control and a host of features to provide clear calls and awesome music anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Product Features

  • Over-the-ear design
  • Along with large ear pads offers comfort during extended listening sessions. Collapsible headband for easy portability
  • Neodymium magnets

For sound reinforcement

  • NoiseGard 2.0 technology
  • Eliminates up to 90% of outside noise
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with Apt-X

For listening to hi-fi stereo sound at up to a 33′ range

  • TalkThrough function
  • Allows you to communicate with others nearby at the push of a button. Discrete, invisible microphone allows you to receive calls without removing the headphones

SRS WOW HD technology

  • Enhances older tracks and poor-quality recordings for improved sound.
  • DuoFol diaphragms
  • Deliver high-fidelity audio
  • Track and volume controls
  • Offer intuitive operation
  • Replaceable battery
  • Allows recharging via USB cable or multi-country wall adapters
  • 15Hz – 22kHz frequency response

For faithful sound reproduction

  • 107dB sensitivity

Why Should We Change To LEDs?

Advertising With LEDs
LED Lighting from Bright Lights Muscat

Lively and eye-catching effects with LED Lighting

Museum Gallery
LED Lighting from Bright Lights Muscat

Display exhibits at their best with LED Lighting

LED Lighting from Bright Lights Muscat

Bright for safety or low lighting for relaxation with LED Lighting


There is so much hype written about LEDs but what’s really so great about them? And what exactly does LED stand for?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes (sometimes also known as Solid-State Lighting) and they can be used to build energy-efficient lighting products that save energy, help protect the environment, reduce maintenance costs; all whilst making people and things look much more attractive than traditional lighting. And they can last much longer than traditional lighting.
Traditionally LEDs have been used as indicator lights in many electronic devices. More recently, solid state lighting technology has been developed which is viable for general lighting.

So, are LED lights really energy-efficient?

Yes, LED lighting can save up to 85 percent of the electricity used by incandescent bulbs and up to 50 percent of electricity used by fluorescents.

Where are LED lights being used these days then if not only as indicator lights?

Since LED lights are so energy-efficient, the most common applications are places where lights are left working for an extended period of time. You will find LED lights in restaurants, offices, parking lots, streetlights, entertainment venues of all kinds and, of course, in homes.

Why is LED lighting better than incandescent bulbs?

Most of the energy emitted from incandescent bulbs is converted to heat instead of light. That is why
you will burn yourself if you try to touch an incandescent bulb once it’s turned on.
LED lighting is about 85 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Since LEDs consume significant less energy they do not emit as much heat. That is why you typically won’t burn yourself if you try to touch an LED light once it’s turned on.
LED lights are also designed to last about 50 times longer, which means less maintenance and waste.

Why is LED lighting better than fluorescent lighting and CFLs?

LEDs do not contain hazardous materials, such as mercury. Since fluorescent tubes and CFLs contain mercury, they must be properly disposed of in order to prevent mercury from poisoning landfills.
Also, most fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed and many can flicker. Some people are sensitive to this flicker and experience headaches, migraines and eye strain. LED lighting uses solid-state technology, which allows effective dimming in many applications and eliminates flickering.
Fluorescent lights can also take several minutes to achieve full brightness and even longer in cold environments. LED lights are capable of lighting up instantly and can withstand extremely cold conditions, such as those in freezer cabinets or on the streets of frozen Alaska.
High quality LEDs produce better light that shows colour more effectively than fluorescents.

What type of light quality can we expect with LED lights?

Ideally we should be satisfied with the light quality coming from any light—LED or otherwise. The best way to ensure this is to know what colour light you want and how to ask for it. If you want warm light, look for lighting that is close to 2700K. If you want a more neutral light, look for something closer to 3500K and if you want a cooler light, look for 5000K or more. But that’s not all that you need to consider as you also need to be aware of colour rendering.

The ability to make colours look true to life is called colour rendering. The colour rendering index (CRI) characterises light sources in view of their ability to produce “natural light” and can be between 0 and 100. The closer an LED light comes to 100 on the colour rendering index (CRI), the more naturally colours are rendered, and the light is perceived as more pleasant. The CRI of fluorescent tubes is often around 72. Most LED lighting fixtures, from reputable sources, have a CRI of between 90 and 94.

How long can LED lights last?

With the right design, LED lights can have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and even more in continuous operation. Depending on how many hours a day they are operating, they can last from 6 to 7 years or up to as many as 20 to 30 years.
Unlike other lighting technologies LEDs do not completely fail but merely grow dimmer. At the 50,000 hour mark, most LED lights are designed to provide at least 70% of their initial light output. Many different factors, such as fixture design or operating conditions like temperature and current, determine the actual lifetime of an LED.

Aren’t LED lights expensive to buy?

Admittedly, yes LED lighting costs more up front but really, it’s no different than investing in insulation in homes and buildings. LED lights pay for themselves over time with energy savings and lower maintenance costs. So bear this in mind when you initially invest in LED lights.
When building a new building, installing LED lighting is often just about the same cost as traditional technology but you will start saving money, through reduced energy consumption, the minute you flip the switch.