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Why Choose LED Lighting?

Why Choose LED Lighting?

A team of high-wire artists from Cirque du Soleil were called in to replace tens of thousands of out-of-reach light bulbs at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

Bright Lights Muscat LED lighting

LED lights and Cirque de Soleil

The departures concourse of the futuristic terminal had grown steadily darker since its opening in 2008 as the maintenance staff was unable to reach bulbs that had blown in the high ceiling of the area.

Since the opening of T5 there have always been challenges for Heathrow with replacing blown light bulbs. Various things have been investigated in the past five years (eg gondolas and high-level cherry pickers), but for a number of reasons, none of these was practical or safe.

The terminal houses the world’s largest controlled-lighting system, with 120,000 light fittings and 2,600 sensors designed to switch off lights when no motion is detected. The aim is to replace bulbs with LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that are expected to last at least five years.

LED lighting Bright Lights Muscat

LED Lighting is perfect for Airports

So why did they choose LED lighting? The question we should ask is “Why were LEDs not used in the first place thus eliminating the expense of replacing the originals and as a major, long term saving on expenditure?”

Why don’t more hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and other establishments with high ceilings and hard to reach places not install LEDs at the beginning of the building process?

When building a new building, installing LED lighting is often just about the same cost as traditional technology but money is saved, through reduced energy consumption, the minute you flip the switch.

LED lighting from Bright Lights Muscat

LED lights are perfect to light up buildings

With the right design, Led lights can have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and more in continuous operation. Depending on how many hours a day they are operating, that can be from 6 to 7 or to as many as 20 to 30 years.

Bright Lights Trading LLC is the Oman distributor for LED lighting from Abstract AVR, alpha LED and GLP LED and supplies LED lights for commercial applications, atmospherics, architectural or home use.

LED lighting in Muscat from Bright Lights

Bright Lights Muscat and LED lighting from AVR

Bright Lights Oman PO Box 1071, PC 130, Al- Athaibah Muscat, Sultanate of Oman PHONE: (+968) 2449-4313 FAX: (+968) 2449-1933

Audio Upgrade In Grand Hyatt Hotel Entertainment Venues

C.Series.Lab.gruppen.BrightLights. Muscat


Bright Lights Trading LLC is the exclusive distributor in Oman for Lab.gruppen and they recently supplied and installed the C Series multi-channel power amplifiers during an extensive audio upgrade in the in-house entertainment venues at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Muscat.

The Grand Hyatt boasts some of the hottest nightspots in Oman with Club Safari, Copacabana and the grand Afrah Ballroom.  Bright Lights has been involved in past refurbishments and long term regular maintenance of these venues as well as The Habana Sports Bar.


Club Safari is a three-level venue that offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere where the resident DJ can be heard playing until the early hours of the morning and here Bright Lights installed a powerful four-channel Lab.gruppen C 68:4 to run the main stage PA.

The system comprises two 18-inch subs and two 12-inch mid-high cabinets from Ohm, while the stage monitor system runs-off an eight-channel C 20:8X powering six 12-inch Ohm wedges – the remaining channels power the in-fill surround speakers.


Billed as Muscat’s premier nightclub, Copacabana opens until late and is the ideal venue for party goers who want to listen to the latest club tracks and dance until the early hours in style.

Copacabana was the second venue to benefit from Bright Lights’ Lab.gruppen upgrade and, like Club Safari, a C 68:4 is the workhorse behind the main system, but in this instance the mid-high section is comprised of four 12-inch loudspeakers.

A further four-channel C 28:4 powers the two by 700W DJ monitor system, with the remaining channels driving the delayed surround sound system.

The Afrah Ballroom  hosts Muscat´s premier events, dinners, banquets and weddings and has been equipped with two C 68:4 power amplifiers, which drive a total of 32 Ohm BR6 250W speakers across four separate zones.


Bright Lights’ owner Mr Sabri Al-Busaidi said that Lab.gruppen’s C Series multi-channel power amplifiers range proved to be the ideal choice to meet the Grand Hyatt Muscat’s power requirements.

“I am delivering more power with better sound quality, while using only a fraction of the total number of units than what was previously the case; so I’m saving on space, time and money,” said Mr Al-Busaidi.