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Bright Lights is the official distributor for Nova Acoustic speakers in Muscat, Oman Middle East
and we are happy to inform you that Nova Acoustic will be launching sixteen new, innovative products at

The exhibition starts on Tuesday 5 April until Friday 8 April 2016 from 10:00h to 19:00h where all these new products will be on display.

Buy your tickets here:-

nova acoustics distributor bright lights oman

Bright Lights is the distributor for Nova Acoustics in Muscat, Oman Middle East

NOVA iC12A is a 12″ Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker that is light, powerful and innovative. The iC12A powered speaker offers everything you need for the perfect gig.

1.000 watts of power deliver pressure and performance and the efficient Class-D amplifier module ensures powerful drive. The 12″ speaker sounds punchy and loud whilst the 1.35″ driver lets the iC12A sound crystal clear.

Due to its advanced housing material the iC12A speaker is super lightweight but rough and rugged for everyday use.

Whether in your band room, on stage or wherever you want; the iC12A is ready-to-use within seconds.

The NOVA iC12A allows you to take total control of your sound with the Easy Control DSP. Press and rotate – that´s all. The graphic backlit display shows you what you select. Choose from several sound programs, edit the sound character and simply get started.

Choose what you want to connect, at the clearly arranged connection panel. With the separately controllable inputs you decide if you want to connect a microphone, a mixer, an instrument or a player. On both input channels, you can choose if you want to connect a cable with XLR or 6.3 jack connectors. Choose the “MIC” or “LINE” mode and set the input levels with the gain controls, independently from each other.


12″ Two-Way Powered Loudspeaker that is light, powerful and innovative

creates maximum performance with uncompromising features. VERITAS speakers are made for pro-rental applications and installers.

VERITAS are high grade speakers that offer dynamic, most neutral and authentic sound quality. The acoustic features of all VERITAS models fulfil the highest demands on sound quality, excellent speech intelligibility and offer a thrilling live performance. The integrated high-performance amplifier modules, of all models, make the VERITAS speakers modern, professional audio tools.

The self-powered full range models combine the multifunctional and compact shapes with such a design that will stand the test of time. The extensive features allow almost unlimited applications for mobile use and fixed installations.

The rotatable high-frequency horns are made of fiberglass and ensure a precise dispersion of 90° x 40° (HxV). The multifunctional design enables the use as mid/high speaker in systems, as uncompromising stage monitors and true full-range cabinets. The integrated class-D amplifiers produce very high power, excellent dynamics and precise audio quality. The clearly arranged input sections allow the connection of, almost any, imaginable audio source.

Veritas 5000
The VERITAS 5000 is absolutely convincing as a system that is compact, powerful and unique in sound. The self-powered satellites offer a very wide dispersion of 90° x 40° (H x V). The EXT. SUB mode ensures a perfect frequency adaption function to the subwoofer. The VERITAS 15 S delivers high sound pressure and tremendous musicality and dynamics.

Veritas 8000
The VERITAS 8000 is a high-performance system which produces a dynamic, neutral and authentic sound. The self-powered satellites offer a very wide dispersion of 90° x 40° (H x V). The EXT. SUB mode ensures a perfect frequency crossover adaption to the subwoofer. The VERITAS 18S delivers very high sound pressure and tremendous musicality and dynamics


Veritas speakers are made for pro-rental applications and installers.

 Nova Visio
The VISIO loudspeakers are real all-rounders and can be horizontally or vertically fix installed to be used in mobile flown applications or on a speaker stand.

The NOVA VISIO series is a family of loudspeaker cabinets that are optimally tuned onto each other to insure an excellent acoustic harmony even in bigger sound systems. Their loudspeakers have aluminium baskets and the high drivers, with titanium membranes, and the fibre glass horns are especially developed for the VISIO series. All this ensures a sound performance at the highest level. The most modern technologies in the field of frequency crossovers, as well as safety circuits and processing, make the VISIO loudspeakers long lasting professional products.

All VISIO cabinets include special front grills which are resistant against sports balls. This is an advantage for the use in fixed installations. The VISIO cabinets are made from 15mm birch plywood, covered with black VISIO PolyCoat. The VISIO speaker series offers top performance without any compromise at an amazing price level.

All VISIO full-range, and monitor cabinets, are equipped with rotatable high frequency horns.


are both fully newly developed with a new and rotatable high frequency horn, resulting in new and improved sound tuning.

VS10 i

The well-known VS10 is an additional version for fixed installation and comes with optional mounting brackets for horizontal and vertical installations.


is the most affordable 21″ subwoofer on the market and includes a 4.5″ voice coil, 1.000 W RMS,

which is extremely powerful, working from 27 Hz on – for extremely deep sub experience.


Visio speakers can be horizontally/vertically fix installed to be used in mobile flown applications or on a speaker stand.


The KIRA family comprises four high-grade, passive 2-way coaxial speakers for ambitious users. All KIRA models produce maximum dynamics with an excellent, natural sound quality. The KIRA18SC is a high-performance subwoofer and a real problem solver and is designed especially for the installation in corners.

The KIRA coaxial speakers are the professional solution for fixed installation and rental productions. The compact design is elegant and unobtrusive, making the KIRA series an ideally discreet PA solution.

The coaxial technology allows for a compact design and constant tonal balance over distance, giving the KIRA series smooth coverage for off-axis audiences, no minimum listening distance and high feedback rejection. The wide radiating high-frequency drivers provide a natural sound up to very high frequencies. The coaxial transducer arrangement produces a 90° axisymmetric directivity output, which enables the use for horizontal and vertical alignments. The integrated passive crossovers ensure a well-balanced sound character. Four different speaker sizes open a very wide range of applications; from background music up to club reinforcement as well as sophisticated live applications. The speaker fronts are protected by stable front grills with acoustic foam backing. Each coaxial KIRA model includes a U-bracket in the delivery as standard. This enables an installation on walls and ceilings. The optional LSA1 tripod adapter lets the speakers operate on a speaker stand or distance rod. The integrated M10 inserts are used for mounting the U-brackets or a truss clamp. All coaxial KIRA models operate full range or in combination with various subwoofers.

The KIRA18SC Subwoofer is specifically designed for installation in corners. The technical base is a heavy-duty 18″ transducer with an impressive 4″ voice coil. Thus the KIRA18SC is extremely powerful, works installed at very low frequencies from 25 Hz and is a real problem solver for architecturally demanding sound reinforcement applications.

The triangular design enables an installation in corners, both on walls and on ceilings. Once installed in a corner, the surfaces of a wall or a ceiling they couple acoustically and work similar as a large horn. This coupling strengthens the efficiency of the subwoofer significantly and enlarges the frequency range down to very low 25 Hz. The efficiency of the higher bass frequencies is adjusted by a matching controller pre-set. Thus, the KIRA18SC provides an amazingly fundamental subwoofer experience. The mounting kit is included in the delivery. The metal frame has integrated rubber pads, which provide an acoustic decoupling of walls and ceilings. The mounting kit allows a very comfortable assembly of the subwoofer and can be also used as useful drilling template. Firstly, the frame can be attached to the wall or ceiling. Secondly, the KIRA18SC can be inserted and screwed into the frame.


Kira coaxial speakers are the professional solution for fixed installation and rental productions


Bright Lights At Muscat Canadian Stampede 2016

Bright Lights are proud to announce that we have been asked once more to provide all the audio, video and lighting for this year’s Canadian Stampede in Oman on 11th March at The RAS AL HAMRA Recreation Centre.

Bright Lights Muscat Stampede 2016

Bright Lights Events Team prepare the stage


The Stampede party is held every year in Muscat and, with this being its 23rd year, is the longest running celebration of the stampede outside of Calgary, Canada.

Bright Lights Muscat Stampede 2016

Bright Lights Muscat Stampede 2016


Bright Lights Events management team has been making plans to create different, exciting effects from last year, but nature is threatening to put a hold on some of the more ambitious ideas. Our special lights, speakers and video systems do not like the idea of working in the rain and Muscat has had more of its normal share already this year.

Bright Lights Muscat Stampede 2016

Dancers follow instructions from large screens


As usual the dress code is Country and Western – Casual/National Dress but the dancers may like to swap their cowboy boots for wellingtons.

Bright Lights Muscat Stampede 2016

Bright Lights Gobos of Stampeding Horses


Gates open at 7.30pm and if you arrive before 9.30pm you will receive a free bandana. Two lucky people will win a trip to The 2016 Calgary Stampede Shooter Salon.

Bright Lights Muscat Stampede 2016

Poutinerie, the tasty Canadian dish

A Western Style Buffet will be served and, of course, Poutinerie. This tasty Canadian dish originates from Quebec and is made with French fries and cheese curds, topped with a light brown gravy.