Symetrix Radius 12×8 EX receives accolades at Infocomm 2015


Last month’s conference and exhibition in Orlando was visited by 39,105 A/V professionals from 108 countries – a 5.6% increase in attendance over InfoComm 2014! The Symetrix booth had high traffic all three days and we’re pleased to announce that SymNet Radius 12×8 EX received two awards during the show:

Symetrix SymNet Radius 12×8 EX was awarded the S&VC Best of Show, InfoComm 2015.

The S&VC Best of Show awards are judged by a panel of engineers and industry experts. Criteria include ease of installation and use/maintenance, performance, relevance, value/ROI, network friendliness, versatility, and reliability.

Symetrix SymNet Radius 12×8 EX was awarded Commercial Integrator Best of 2015.

The Commercial Integrator BEST Awards program recognizes the most noteworthy solutions for an integration business. The winners were chosen by a panel of industry experts, integrators and the editors of Commercial Integrator. SymNet Radius 12×8 EX won the Audio Components and Processors category


The Radius 12×8 EX, featuring a configurable input/output option card slot, is a universal DSP building block with a 64×64 Dante™ network audio port,12 analog mic/line inputs, and 8 analog outputs.

The addition of the versatile option card slot reduces total system costs by maximizing the number of inputs or outputs in a single 1U DSP. For example, adding a SymNet 4 Channel Analog Input card creates a 16×8 analog configuration; with a 4 Channel Analog Output card the result is 12×12. The expansion slot supports an array of SymNet audio I/O cards including 4-channel analog, 4-channel digital, 4-channel AEC and multi-line telephone.

From small and simple, to mega large and complex projects, Dante™ digital audio over Ethernet is an industry standard means for interconnecting SymNet Edge, Radius 12×8 EX and Radius AEC DSP’s, as well as a growing range of Dante 3rd party peripherals including microphones and power amps

Symetrix believes that by providing integrators with best-in-class tools they deliver greater value to their customers while doing less work. The Radius 12×8 EX is programed using award winning* SymNet Composer™ open architecture software. Composer site files process audio in nearly unlimited ways serving countless applications

Canines for Cause – Dog Festival 2015 held at the Al Bustan Ritz Carlton

Bright Lights Trading LLC was one of the sponsors of the ‘Canines for Cause – Dog Festival 2015’ held at the Al Bustan Palace  on 18th April.

The event raised funds for two charities; The Oman Cancer Association and The Oman Diabetes Association. Dog owners entered their pets in a number of demonstrations and competitions including fun activities such as tail-wagging, barking contests, bone tasting tests, jumping, musical hoops, agility and rally obedience presentation.

Many dogs dragged their owners to the show to take part

Musical Hoops is a competition for dogs and their owners and is similar to musical chairs for humans. Whilst the music plays, handlers walk their dogs “at heel” around a circle of hula hoops. When the music stops, handlers tell their dogs to “sit” or “down” so that at least two of their paws are in the hoop. Any dogs without two paws in a hoop are excluded. One hoop is then removed and the game continues until only three dogs remain. Dogs are disqualified if its handler enters a hoop at any time.

Musical Hoops – canine version of Musical Chairs

An English Cocker Spaniel won first prize in the musical hoops and his proud owner said, “He is around six years old. We got him from Qatar. He is quite friendly with us and our children. They love him a lot. We are happy to see him as the winner”.

All canine activities, at the fun filled family day charity show, took part in an air conditioned tent and there was also an air conditioned dog rest area and a medical area for both dogs and humans.

Bright Lights Event Management Team provided sound, lighting and AV for the event

Entertainment for the human visitors included face painting, bouncy castle, raffle and other activities.

Bright Lights Event Management Team provided all the sound, lighting and AV equipment to help the doggy fun day go well.

Bright Lights’ grandMA took care of all the lighting requirements


Bright Lights Introduces “ClickShare From Barco” To Muscat, Oman

Wireless Meeting Room Presentation System

Barco is a global technology company that designs and develops networked visualisation products for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets.

ClickShare From Barco is an exciting and innovative wireless meeting room presentation system where everyone at the meeting has the ability to be on screen.  The facility enhances collaboration which leads to better, and faster, decision making.  With ClickShare, your meetings and presentations will never be the same again!

ClickShare allows information to be shared on the large meeting room screen in the most intuitive way possible. Cables are no longer needed; the presentation begins by simply pushing a button – whether of a USB-device you connect to your laptop PC or MAC, or by using the user-friendly app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. What’s more, ClickShare also automatically displays the most optimal resolution, without messing up the layout on your laptop.

Three simple steps could not make meeting room democracy easier. Connect, click and share. That’s all there is to it.

Wireless meeting room presentation system with ClickShare

Wireless meeting room presentation system with ClickShare

ClickShare changes the way you communicate. Instead of focusing on one presenter, ClickShare encourages all attendees to participate. By showing visual content on a large meeting room screen, it becomes easier for everybody to prove their point. The system’s stability and ease-of-use, also drastically limits the number of needed interventions by the IT department.

The ClickShare Presentation System has made inroads into meeting rooms around the world and has been lauded with numerous industry awards as a result of its success.

The Secret Of Its Success? Without question, this is due to its easy set-up, single button interface, the absence of cables and excellent collaboration features.

CSM-1 – Wireless Presentation System For Standard Meeting Rooms

CSM1 - Full HD (1920 x 1080)

CSM1 – Full HD (1920 x 1080)

A ClickShare CSM-1 Set consists of two USB-powered devices (the ‘ClickShare Buttons’) and a Base Unit. The Base Unit has a fixed connection to the meeting room’s visualisation system, and takes care of all the needed processing. Users, who want to get their presentation on the large meeting room screen, simply connect a Button to their PC or MAC. They start the application, click the ClickShare Button and immediately their desktop is wirelessly transferred to the large visualisation system. Alternatively, when using a smartphone or tablet (either iOS or Android-powered), a simple app allows you to share content as well.

A maximum of two people can show their content on-screen simultaneously.

ClickShare’s CSM Base Unit is made expressly for standard meeting rooms, offering the core ClickShare experience within the budget of every company.

CSC-1 – Full-featured Wireless Presentation System For High-profile Meeting Rooms & Boardrooms

CSC1 ClickShare Bright Lights Muscat

CSC1 – 2x HD (2560×1080 DisplayPort & 1920×1200 DVI)

ClickShare makes connecting to the meeting room’s video system a matter of clicking a button. This one click wonder not only helps the presenter get the presentation on-screen in a second, but it also allows the other people in the meeting to participate more actively. Sharing can be done via laptop PC or MAC, or via iOS and Android-powered mobile devices. The result is superior meeting efficiency and better decision-making.

More Pixels, More Content

If you are driving two projectors, two screens or Double HD canvas, the full-featured CSC-1 Base Unit is the right choice. This unit is fully compatible with the ClickShare Buttons and the apps for mobile devices, and was optimized for use in high-profile meeting rooms and boardrooms.

Optimised Collaboration Experience

By enabling to display the content of up to 4 users simultaneously, the CSC-1 Base Unit brings a complete Clickshare collaboration experience. 64 Buttons can be wirelessly connected to the Base Unit, ready to share. Furthermore, perfectly synchronised sound and video ensures that movie clips can be optimally enjoyed. And dynamic content from iPads, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices can be shown directly to the screen using the specialised apps. For other Android devices, you are restricted to showing static content.

ClickShare Set

A ClickShare CSC Set consists of a Tray, 4 Buttons and a Base Unit.

Additional items are sold separately.

The full ClickShare Experience

The CSC Base Unit features the ability to display on 2 screens simultaneously, show 4 different sources on screen and to enjoy synchronised audio/video.

Combined with some additional innovations, this Base Unit gives users the premium ClickShare experience.

The Essence Of Lighting Control From MA Lighting

Bright Lights Trading is the national distributor in Oman for MA Lighting and as such we can give you an insight into what is coming next from the masters of Lighting Control Solutions.

MA Lighting offers more than 30 years’ experience and is respected for its technical knowledge and has achieved a unique international reputation for its operational philosophy.  MA Lighting strictly follows a professional user-centric approach, getting as close as possible to the market via its own international offices and support centres.

These offices and centres are in the UK, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia; thereby ensuring that MA Lighting is fully supported by a world-wide distribution and service network.

MA Lighting the dot2 core

MA Lighting the dot2 core

Now MA Lighting presents a new range of compact lighting control solutions – the dot2.

The dot2 Range consists of three lighting consoles; dot2 core, dot2 XL-F, dot2 XL-B; two playback expansion wing solutions; dot2 F-wing and dot2 B-wing and the dot2 Node4 (1K) network output node as well as the dot2 onPC console software and the dot2 3D visualisation software solutions.

MA Lighting dot2 XL-F

MA Lighting dot2 XL-F

Designed for small and mid-sized projects and venues, dot2 offers advanced functionality with outstanding ease-of-use. Full tracking backup is available via plug and play networking.

MA Lighting dot2 XL-B

MA Lighting dot2 XL-B

Intuitive operation is the core of the dot2 philosophy and, with all connectivity on board, the dot2 range is suitable for most theatre, touring, corporate, television and education lighting environments.

MA Lighting dot2 F-wing

MA Lighting dot2 F-wing

The easy to operate dot2 software is available in multiple languages and provides on board Help and Direct Hints to guide a new user to operate the console to its full potential. Simply Patch and Go, with no additional setup required.

MA Lighting dot2 B-wing

MA Lighting dot2 B-wing

A full range of clever programming and playback features provide intuitive access to advanced functionality. Access to generic fixture functions is via a Smart Dialogue and Store Look functionality ensures you can control and record what’s intended. Automated tools; Track & Shield and Auto-Unblock simplify cue-list management and Auto-Fix allows playback page changes to occur without unexpected results.

MA Lighting dot2 Node4

MA Lighting dot2 Node4

The dot2 will feel familiar to theatrical users, 100mm faders provide full access to the master playback list at all times and a tactile level wheel gives access to lighting levels. Command-line syntax is fully supported alongside graphically assisted touch screen control of all features.

Built for touring; the dot2 hardware is compact, durable and remarkably lightweight. Its optional modular plug-&-play dot2 F-wing and dot2 B-wing allow playback expansion and the full-tracking-back-up functionality ensures your show runs trouble free.

Live Time, Tap Sync and multiple touch screens allow instant access to all playback functionality. And sophisticated features like Soft-LTP automatically preserve key-lighting levels without going through black.

The dot2 onPC and the dot2 3D software will be available in April.

For more information on MA Lighting in the Middle East contact Bright Lights Trading LLC.




Nova Acoustic EUPHORIA At Canadian Stampede, Muscat 2015

Bright Lights Trading LLC recently supplied, and engineered, all the sound, lighting and video equipment for the Canadian Stampede 2015, Muscat.

Canadian Stampede, Muscat 2015

Canadian Stampede, Muscat 2015

As well as providing all the equipment for the usual dance floor area Bright Lights was requested to provide a screen and projector for the garden zone, with a sound system to cover the area of approximately 600sq metres, and to provide background music for up to 300 diners in that area.

The Bright Lights event team manager decided to use EUPHORIA Column Speakers from Nova Acoustic for the job and none of the guests could believe that such compact speakers could deliver such a warm, crisp sound.

Nova Acoustics EUPHORIA

Nova Acoustics EUPHORIA

Column speakers are an elegant solution for small and medium stages. With their slim design and light weight EUPHORIA produce a well-balanced and uniform sound. Due to the compact dimensions of these systems, sound pressure and dynamics are normally limited but not so with EUPHORIA.

EUPHORIA combines, for the first time, all the advantages of a column speaker with the performance and requirements of an uncompromising professional sound system. EUPHORIA is based on the technology, the high-power components, and the sound quality of a line-array system. The self-powered 18″ high performance subwoofer includes the digital control centre of the EUPHORIA system and three amplifier channels with impressive 3.200 watts (RMS) of power.

The EX600 unit, as used by Bright Lights for the Canadian Stampede, is equipped with six 5″ high-performance speakers of the latest generation and the BEYMA TPM4-1750 high driver with 1.75″ PM4 polymer diaphragm for particularly high tonal accuracy and dynamics.

Nova Euphoria EX600

Nova Euphoria EX600

The six MDO midrange-device-optimisers are integrated in the front grill. Those optimisers duplicate the number of sound sources (from six to twelve virtual sources) and increase the sound pressure of the 5″ speakers dramatically.

The HDO high- range-device-optimiser is constructed into the planar wave guide of the high driver and doubles the single sound source (from one to two virtual sources). This ensures a higher throw by coupling. The nominal coverage is 100° x 25° (HxV) for very high sound pressure and excellent coverage of the audience areas.

A single EX600 delivers an impressive sound pressure of 133 dB (max.). The cabinet is made of 12 mm thick plywood, covered with robust NOVA PolyCoat special lacquer. The continuous load capacity is 800 watts RMS (1.600 watts program), the impedance is 4 ohms. The EX600 is equipped with an integrated pole mount for easy operation. With the optional EMB600 U-bracket it can be tilted on a speaker stand.

This EMB600 has two connectors for truss clamps or TV cones, too. The EX600 can be also easily installed by use of the smaller ETA600 truss clamp adapter. The optional EB600 gig bag is an ideal accessory for a comfortable and safe transport.

With a weight of 17 kg only, the EX600 is a compact and lightweight high-performance speaker of a new generation. EX600 is much more than a normal column speaker. The EX600 signal turbine is a highly innovative and powerful column speaker, developed for premium applications.

Nova Euphoria EX318 Bass

Nova Euphoria EX318 Bass

With the EX600 column speakers Bright Lights used the active subwoofer NOVA EX318 SUB which is equipped with DSP 2-IN / 4-OUT, and is managed and controlled from a computer through special software and a large 4-line LCD display.



Bright Lights Trading LLC & Christie Digital

Bright Lights Trading LLC has been approved by Christie Digital as their partner for 2015.


Christie was founded in 1929 and since then has become a global visual, audio and collaboration solutions company offering diverse solutions for business, entertainment and industry. With over 1,500 employees to date, Christie has installed over 100,000 projection solutions for a variety of industries, worldwide.


Chrisite continue to break new ground as a powerhouse of innovation: leading the film-to-digital conversion, putting pixels everywhere with Christie MicroTiles and digital displays, and bringing massive landmarks to life with projection mapping.


Always on the leading edge of new and exciting solutions, Christie is introducing immersive audio, advancing seamless presentation and collaboration, and opening up a new frontier with laser projection.

Christie supplies a wide range of completely integrated projection, display, presentation and audio solutions to industries such as cinema, corporate, education & training, live events and retail.


From 3D projection systems and large-format interactive video walls to revolutionary audio systems and powerful presentation and collaboration tools, Christie leads the digital paradigm shift by providing complete solutions built on proven technologies.




Vogel’s Professional Mounting Solutions

Vogel’s Professional are manufacturers of a complete range of mounting solutions for both projectors and displays and Bright Lights Trading LLC is pleased to have been recognised as their most recent Authorised Dealer for the Middle East.

All Vogel’s products comply with the highest industry standards for quality and safety and only the best quality materials are used. All products manufactured are for professional and are developed to carry at least 5 times the specified weight.

Projector Ceiling Mounts

Vogel’s Professional offers a complete new range of projector ceiling mounts. These projector mounts are especially designed for the latest generation projectors weighing up to 25 kg. The range includes basic projector ceiling mounts and height adjustable kits with telescopic poles.


Projector Ceiling Mounts


Secure iPad Enclosures

Vogel’s TabLock® – Professional enclosure for your tablet

In order to use a tablet in public, it needs a secure enclosure that gives accessibility for users while simultaneously providing protection against theft or unauthorised use. Vogel’s Professional has developed the perfect solution: TabLock® is a locked and secure enclosure, made from high quality aluminium and steel.

Secure iPad Enclosures


Video Conferencing Furniture

PFF 5211 is a stylish video conference furniture especially designed for the use of larger displays. It is suitable for single displays of 55” till 90” or dual displays 2×46” till 2x 65”. The furniture has wheels for easy maneuverability. The cabinet has ample space for codec’s, switchers and other electronic equipment. Access to the inside is made easy with 2 doors at the front and as well as 2 doors at the back. The furniture has an integrated loudspeaker compartment for an optional loudspeaker. This can be the Vogel’s PFA 9111 or any other speaker that fits in the available space.

Video Conferencing Furniture


Video Wall Mounts

Large displays and video walls are increasingly being used in education, corporate and public environments to enhance learning and communication. As these solutions become larger and heavier, selecting the right mount is becoming more important. This is why Vogel’s has designed a modular range of XL and video wall mounts. Whether you need to mount single or multiple displays this modular range provides the flexibility you need for almost every situation. The XL wall mount and video wall components are interchangeable creating a virtually unlimited number of possibilities.

Video Wall Mounts


From simple to advanced. From static to electronically operated.

Vogel’s has a solution for every AV mounting application with its one-stop shop.

British Business Forum At The Hormuz Grand Hotel

brightlights, BBF, hormuz grand hotel, hire truss

Bright Lights provided AV equipment for the  British Business Forum meeting at  Hormuz Grand Hotel


The February meeting of the British Business Forum was sponsored by the Hormuz Grand Hotel and held at their newly opened luxury hotel opposite Seeb Airport. Bright Lights Trading provided the Audio and Visual equipment for the occasion.

brightlights, av hire, hormuz hotel muscat

The Hormuz Hotel terrace was a perfect venue

During the evening the friendly and knowledgeable staff escorted interested parties around the hotel to view some of the 231 well-appointed rooms which include Executive Club Rooms & Suites and four very different Food & Beverage venues.

For the business visitor The Hormuz Grand provides excellent facilities for all corporate events, with banquet and meeting facilities that include a ballroom, function rooms, four meeting rooms, 2 interview rooms and board rooms.

hormuz grand hotel, bright lights, av hire, projector hire muscat

The team of chefs provided an evening of culinary delights

The Hormuz Grand presented an excellent showcase for their hotel, with an evening of outstanding food and hospitality, which was greatly enjoyed by everyone who attended.

Hormuz grand hotel, bright lights, muscat

Guests enjoyed the surroundings whilst networking

As well as providing the AV equipment Bright Lights Trading also provided the trussing for the exciting and innovative projector from Idea Hub.

This projector created an interactive floor which aroused great interest from many of the attendees. Some of the gentlemen were even seen to raise their trouser legs so they did not get them wet during the gold fish show.

projector hire muscat, projector hire bright lights

A projector from Idea Hub created a lot of interest on the night

Back2Business Oman 2015

back2business, back2businessoman, bright lights,

Back2Business Oman 2015 With Bright Lights Trading


Last year was the first Back2Business Oman networking event to take place in Muscat. It was such a success that there is to be a second edition on 20th January this year which its organisers promise will be even bigger and better than last year.

Bright Lights Trading LLC has, once again, been approved to provide all the technical support for the AV requirements during the evening and plans are well under way to provide even more exciting features than last year.

Over 450 government dignitaries, ambassadors, business owners, investors and budding entrepreneurs attended last year and all concurred that the event was a huge success. During the unique occasion, at The Grand Hyatt Hotel, many new business relationships were formed between individuals who represented a diverse set of industries and services.

As last year was such a success it is advised that those wishing to attend this year obtain their tickets as soon as possible. Tickets are priced, if purchased in advance, at 25 OMR or 30 OMR if purchased on the evening.

This January all attendees will have the ideal opportunity to reach fellow representatives from small to large companies with the potential to meet new clients, investors and business partners from across The Sultanate and the GCC.

The evening will not be all business as refreshments will be provided by The Hyatt and there will be entertainment, raffles and great giveaways.

Back2Business Oman is organised by representatives of some of the business councils in Oman. These councils are the British Business Forum, The Oman American Business Council, The European Business Persons Group and The Australian Business Group in Oman.

The organising committee is formed by Maggie Jeans who is best known for the sterling work she has done as the co-ordinator of the British Business Forum for the past 10 years, Garry Friend (General Manager of the Grand Hyatt), Nicolina Becx of EBPG, Galina Prokhina (Corporate Coordinator at Oman American Business Council), Maurizio Monte (founder of the Public Relations Consultancy MPiRE) and Katrina Hunt who represents the Australian Business Group Oman.

Sponsors for Back2Business Oman 2015 include many from last year and are The Bank of Beirut, Sohar Port & Free Zone, Swiss Air, Grand Hyatt Muscat, Muscat Guide, Mazoon and Icon.

Mr Ramy Zambarakji, the Managing Director of Bank of Beirut in Oman said “Our renewed partnership with Back2Business is enabling us to demonstrate our dedication to the community and it is a golden chance for us to more deeply engage hundreds of business professionals who are searching for new business opportunities as well as guidance and support.”

To reserve your place at this exciting second Back2Business Oman, or if you have any questions, email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


back2business, back2business oman, bright lights, bright lights muscat

Secure your ticket for Back2Business Oman 2015

Bright Lights Trading LLC in Muscat Hires Truss For Staging

When you hire staging from Bright Lights in Muscat you can also hire truss to hang your AV equipment.
Hire Stage & Truss From Bright Lights, Muscat Oman

Hire Stage & Truss From Bright Lights, Muscat

Bright Lights Trading has truss for hire that is suitable for using at small gigs to large events.
Hire Stage & Truss From Bright Lights, Muscat Oman

Hire Stage & Truss For Your Lighting

Bright Lights rents stages in all shapes and sizes in Muscat, Oman.

Hire Stage & Truss From Bright Lights, Muscat Oman

Hire Stage & Truss For Your Sound 

Bright Lights also rents truss in all shapes and sizes in Muscat, Oman.

Hire Stage & Truss From Bright Lights, Muscat Oman

Hire Stage & Truss For Advertsing

Your lights and speakers can be hung from the truss so they are safe above the ground and your staff and public are safer too.

Hire Stage & Truss From Bright Lights, Muscat Oman

Hire Stage & Truss For Corporate Events 

When you rent stage or truss from Bright Lights they will deliver and set up the system for you.

Hire Stage & Truss From Bright Lights, Muscat Oman

Hire Stage & Truss For Use Inside & Outdoors

Bright Lights’ Events Team Manager will discuss your requirements with you for your event and help you decide which stage or truss hire is the best for your event.