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Recently Released – Prism 0 x 0 by Symetrix


*Winner of Sound & Video Contractor Best of Show InfoComm 2014*

And available from Bright Lights Trading LLC, Muscat Oman


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Recently released Symetrix Prism 0 x 0 in Muscat, Oman. Bright Lights Trading


Symetrix engineers and manufactures high-performance DSPs (Digital Signal Processing), user interfaces and software products for the installed sound market.

Prism is the latest addition to the Symetrix line of Dante™ enabled DSPs. Used as the DSP core of a Dante network – or used standalone – Prism is ideally suited for applications requiring powerful, cost effective advanced signal processing coupled with an industry standard network audio interface.

The same uncompromising analog and digital design found in Symetrix’ top of the line DSPs is used across the Prism family – enabling state of the art processing at price points that were unimaginable only a few short years ago.Prism is the latest addition to the Symetrix line of Dante™ enabled DSPs. Used as the DSP core of a Dante network – or used standalone – Prism is ideally suited for applications requiring powerful, cost effective advanced signal processing coupled with an industry standard network audio interface.

The same uncompromising analog and digital design found in Symetrix’ top of the line DSPs is used across the Prism family – enabling state of the art processing at price points that were unimaginable only a few short years ago.

Dante™ is in our DNA. All Prism models are equipped with 64×64 Dante channels. Dante is an uncompressed multi-channel digital media technology. Symetrix designs and supports one, and only one, network audio protocol: Audinate’s Dante. Symetrix and Dante provide the fastest way to implement, control, and maintain a system of networked DSPs and accessories – including select third-party products.

Scale up.  Increase a Prism systems analog input and output count using Symetrix Dante-enabled xIn 4, xIO 4×4, xOut 4, xIn 12, and xOut 12 expanders.

Total design control.  Program Prism using Symetrix’ *award winning* Composer open-architecture Windows CAD application.

Connect to the outside world.  Dante, Ethernet and ARC ports are standard issue.

Connect to Dante enabled hardware, Ethernet equipped touch panels and computers, and any of the Symetrix ARC wall panels including the ARC-3 with graphical menus and universal mounting options.

Form, fit and function.  Prism 8×8, 12×12 and 16×16 models are 19” x 1U. Prism 0x0 and 4×4 are 1/2 rack x 1U. (Surface mount and rack mount kits sold separately).

An embedded web server for status and control.  Prism’s embedded web server displays analog I/O levels, diagnostics, and provides access to ARC-WEB, a browser interface accessible from any smart phone, tablet or computer. The embedded server is accessible using any popular web browser by entering Prism’s local LAN, or publicly accessible IP address or its fully qualified domain name into the browser’s address field.

For further information on Symetrix Prism 0 x 0 in Muscat, Oman contact
Bright Lights Trading LLC
Tel: 00968 2449 4313
Email: brent@brightlightsoman.com Read more »

Bright Lights Trading Lights Up Muscat Mercedes Benz Showroom

Bright Lights was commissioned to provide lighting for the Mercedes Benz Showroom in honour of the Sultanate’s 45th National Day.


bright lights at mercedes benz muscat

Bright Lights control station for Mercedes Benz Showroom, Muscat

The Mercedes-Benz showroom in Muscat is a true landmark in the automotive trade in the Sultanate, combining high quality standards set by Mercedes-Benz, with the traditional Omani building design philosophy.

bright lights use multiform lighting at muscat

Led lights from Multiform Lighting at their best for Mercedes

Bright Lights used battens of Led lights from Multiform Lighting, a new addition to the Multiwall © range, known as the The Multiwall © GII-HS3049.

bright lights used A grandMA2 from MA Lighting to programme the lighting

A grandMA2 from MA Lighting was used to programme the lighting

The Multiwall © GII-HS3049 offers a cost-efficient alternative to the Multiwall © GII-HS5062 when standard RGB colour mixing is sufficient. This makes the Multiwall © GII-HS3049 a default choice where a colour-changing linear light source with superior output and long-term reliability is needed. It features a new unique cooling technology, which keeps the 49W-LED panel at appropriate working temperature, and hence promises extended lifetime.

The elliptical dispersion angle makes this unit specifically suitable for wall washing, for which the user can easily convert the unit between indoor (connectors) and outdoor version (PG cable glands).

The light show was stored on a miniSTORE 3 from ELC (Professional Lighting Equipment Solutions).

The light show was stored on a miniSTORE 3 from ELC (Professional Lighting Equipment Solutions).

Programming for the light show was created on a grandMA2 from MA Lighting and recorded and stored on a miniSTORE 3 from ELC (Professional Lighting Equipment Solutions).

The miniSTORE 3 is a DMX playback recorder that can record and playback DMX streams like a tape recorder. All lighting changes, fades and effects for up to 512 channels on a single DMX line are recorded using 4GB flash memory in real time and can be played back exactly as originally performed.

The recording time can vary from hours to days. It is ideal for automating stand-alone shows, such as retail and exhibition displays, including moving light effects, and includes options to start or loop the playback at power-on or with a contact closure.


known as the The Multiwall © GII-HS3049.

Bright Lights used battens of Led lights from Multiform Lighting known as the The Multiwall © GII-HS3049.

For more than 40 years Multiform has produced quality lighting control equipment for entertainment and commercial applications. Engineered by professionals in Europe their  reliability comes with the greatest ease of use and at prices that fit any budget.


Bright Lights used a grandMA2 from MA Lighting

Programming for the light show was created on a grandMA2 from MA Lighting

Since its foundation in 1983, MA Lighting has expanded to become an international leader for computer-controlled lighting consoles, networking components and digital dimming systems. With its commitment and power to innovate, MA Lighting meets the growing demands of a constantly changing industry and develops product solutions for tomorrow. With integrated system solutions and the grandMA/grandMA2 product family, international standards were set.


bright lghts used a miniSTORE from ELC

Programming for the light show was stored on a miniSTORE 3 from ELC

ELC Lighting is based in The Netherlands and has been developing lighting systems since 1994. Its development team comprises practitioners who are designing network products with the benefit of practical hands-on experience in the field.

The ELC development team is still closely involved ‘hands-on’ with live events, and all ELC products are developed from that experience and the needs of their loyal clients, and tested ‘in the field’.

Back2Business Oman 2015

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Back2Business Oman 2015 With Bright Lights Trading


Last year was the first Back2Business Oman networking event to take place in Muscat. It was such a success that there is to be a second edition on 20th January this year which its organisers promise will be even bigger and better than last year.

Bright Lights Trading LLC has, once again, been approved to provide all the technical support for the AV requirements during the evening and plans are well under way to provide even more exciting features than last year.

Over 450 government dignitaries, ambassadors, business owners, investors and budding entrepreneurs attended last year and all concurred that the event was a huge success. During the unique occasion, at The Grand Hyatt Hotel, many new business relationships were formed between individuals who represented a diverse set of industries and services.

As last year was such a success it is advised that those wishing to attend this year obtain their tickets as soon as possible. Tickets are priced, if purchased in advance, at 25 OMR or 30 OMR if purchased on the evening.

This January all attendees will have the ideal opportunity to reach fellow representatives from small to large companies with the potential to meet new clients, investors and business partners from across The Sultanate and the GCC.

The evening will not be all business as refreshments will be provided by The Hyatt and there will be entertainment, raffles and great giveaways.

Back2Business Oman is organised by representatives of some of the business councils in Oman. These councils are the British Business Forum, The Oman American Business Council, The European Business Persons Group and The Australian Business Group in Oman.

The organising committee is formed by Maggie Jeans who is best known for the sterling work she has done as the co-ordinator of the British Business Forum for the past 10 years, Garry Friend (General Manager of the Grand Hyatt), Nicolina Becx of EBPG, Galina Prokhina (Corporate Coordinator at Oman American Business Council), Maurizio Monte (founder of the Public Relations Consultancy MPiRE) and Katrina Hunt who represents the Australian Business Group Oman.

Sponsors for Back2Business Oman 2015 include many from last year and are The Bank of Beirut, Sohar Port & Free Zone, Swiss Air, Grand Hyatt Muscat, Muscat Guide, Mazoon and Icon.

Mr Ramy Zambarakji, the Managing Director of Bank of Beirut in Oman said “Our renewed partnership with Back2Business is enabling us to demonstrate our dedication to the community and it is a golden chance for us to more deeply engage hundreds of business professionals who are searching for new business opportunities as well as guidance and support.”

To reserve your place at this exciting second Back2Business Oman, or if you have any questions, email enquiries@back2businessoman.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


back2business, back2business oman, bright lights, bright lights muscat

Secure your ticket for Back2Business Oman 2015

Audio Upgrade In Grand Hyatt Hotel Entertainment Venues

C.Series.Lab.gruppen.BrightLights. Muscat


Bright Lights Trading LLC is the exclusive distributor in Oman for Lab.gruppen and they recently supplied and installed the C Series multi-channel power amplifiers during an extensive audio upgrade in the in-house entertainment venues at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Muscat.

The Grand Hyatt boasts some of the hottest nightspots in Oman with Club Safari, Copacabana and the grand Afrah Ballroom.  Bright Lights has been involved in past refurbishments and long term regular maintenance of these venues as well as The Habana Sports Bar.


Club Safari is a three-level venue that offers a fun and relaxed atmosphere where the resident DJ can be heard playing until the early hours of the morning and here Bright Lights installed a powerful four-channel Lab.gruppen C 68:4 to run the main stage PA.

The system comprises two 18-inch subs and two 12-inch mid-high cabinets from Ohm, while the stage monitor system runs-off an eight-channel C 20:8X powering six 12-inch Ohm wedges – the remaining channels power the in-fill surround speakers.


Billed as Muscat’s premier nightclub, Copacabana opens until late and is the ideal venue for party goers who want to listen to the latest club tracks and dance until the early hours in style.

Copacabana was the second venue to benefit from Bright Lights’ Lab.gruppen upgrade and, like Club Safari, a C 68:4 is the workhorse behind the main system, but in this instance the mid-high section is comprised of four 12-inch loudspeakers.

A further four-channel C 28:4 powers the two by 700W DJ monitor system, with the remaining channels driving the delayed surround sound system.

The Afrah Ballroom  hosts Muscat´s premier events, dinners, banquets and weddings and has been equipped with two C 68:4 power amplifiers, which drive a total of 32 Ohm BR6 250W speakers across four separate zones.


Bright Lights’ owner Mr Sabri Al-Busaidi said that Lab.gruppen’s C Series multi-channel power amplifiers range proved to be the ideal choice to meet the Grand Hyatt Muscat’s power requirements.

“I am delivering more power with better sound quality, while using only a fraction of the total number of units than what was previously the case; so I’m saving on space, time and money,” said Mr Al-Busaidi.


Back2Business Oman Sponsored By Bright Lights Trading LLC

Back2Business Oman, Wednesday 22nd January 2014

bright lights sponsors back2business

Bright Lights Trading LLC Sponsors Back2business Oman

Bright Lights Trading LLC has been approved as an official sponsor of the first ever Back2Business Oman event and will be providing all the technical support for the AV requirements during the evening.

The inaugural Back2Business Oman event was announced recently by representatives of the British Business Forum, Oman American Business Council, European Business Persons Group and the Australian Business Group.

The event replaces the EPBG (European Persons Business Group) Dinner and will take place in the Grand Hyatt Gardens. Tickets for the event cost RO 25, which includes dinner and entertainment.

Back2Business was created in close partnership with its main sponsor, The Bank of Beirut, and will be the largest business networking event in Oman, bringing together successful business leaders, ambassadors, investors and entrepreneurs.

The evening promises to be an unforgettable event with guest appearances, entertainment and a few surprises. “The aim of Back2Business is to connect like-minded business people in a friendly environment that is conducive to exploring and developing new business leads,” said Maggie Jeans, a member of both the Back2Business and BBF committees.

Back2Business Oman’s mission is to provide the business community with a setting in which knowledge and resources can be shared for the mutual benefit of members, and with more than 500 business leaders expected to attend the landmark event, it will showcase some of the best business expertise on the challenges and opportunities faced in today’s business climate in Oman.

Ramy Zambarakji, Managing Director of Bank of Beirut, Oman, commented on the occasion, “At Bank of Beirut Oman we provide guidance, advice and customised services businesses and individuals need in order to prosper and grow. We are pleased to be supporting Back2Business Oman, which will be a unique opportunity to meet members of the business community and make our financial services more accessible.
The program for the night, with a few surprises thrown in, will be as follows:

• 7:00pm Welcome Drinks
• 8:00pm Welcome Speech
• 8:10pm Networking and Food
• 10:00pm Raffle
• 10:20pm Event finishes
• 10:30pm to 11:30 – Happy Hour in the John Barry Bar and Piano Lounge

Perfect Present For The Frequent Traveller

  Sennheiser MM 550-X Headphones

Sennheiser MM 550-X Headphones are perfect for the frequent traveller and are available from Bright Lights Trading, the official dealer in Oman for Sennheiser.

Click here to see the Official Sennheiser Product Video for MM 550-X Travel Headphones http://vimeo.com/65129253

You can tell the frequent fliers by the fact that they have high-end, over-the-ear models of noise cancelling headphones. They are the first thing to come out of the carry-on and the last to go back in during a flight. Sennheiser MM 550-X Headphones are a must.

A must for travelers, the MM 550-X TRAVEL comes with Sennheiser’s TalkThrough™ function, which lets you speak to a friend or flight attendant without removing the headset. Just press a button and an external invisible microphone lets you hear everything that is going on around you. When you are flying, simply connect the cable provided in the convenient travel case and keep listening.

The MM 550-X TRAVEL comes with volume and playlist controls integrated on the ear cup, to save you from scrabbling for your mobile phone, iPod, iPad or laptop. And because the closed-back capsule design of the ear caps enhances passive noise reduction, you can keep your music entirely personal and relax in the knowledge that you won’t be irritating fellow travelers.

You will enjoy your music and hands-free communication with these Sennheiser MM 550-X over-the-ear headphones that feature SRS WOW HD technology for improving older tracks and poor-quality recordings and a TalkThrough function that lets you communicate with those around you by simply pressing a button.

No matter how noisy your environment, NoiseGard™ 2.0 active noise canceling technology cuts out the background noise that makes it difficult to carry out normal conversations without raising your voice. Connect it wirelessly to your mobile, laptop, iPad or any other Bluetooth®-enabled device and take charge of phone and Skype calls, music or audio books.

The Sennheiser MM 550-X Headphones are the top-of-the-line in wireless headsets. This Bluetooth enabled gem provides unrivalled stereo sound, call control and a host of features to provide clear calls and awesome music anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Product Features

  • Over-the-ear design
  • Along with large ear pads offers comfort during extended listening sessions. Collapsible headband for easy portability
  • Neodymium magnets

For sound reinforcement

  • NoiseGard 2.0 technology
  • Eliminates up to 90% of outside noise
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with Apt-X

For listening to hi-fi stereo sound at up to a 33′ range

  • TalkThrough function
  • Allows you to communicate with others nearby at the push of a button. Discrete, invisible microphone allows you to receive calls without removing the headphones

SRS WOW HD technology

  • Enhances older tracks and poor-quality recordings for improved sound.
  • DuoFol diaphragms
  • Deliver high-fidelity audio
  • Track and volume controls
  • Offer intuitive operation
  • Replaceable battery
  • Allows recharging via USB cable or multi-country wall adapters
  • 15Hz – 22kHz frequency response

For faithful sound reproduction

  • 107dB sensitivity