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Microphone Hygiene

How to clean your microphone

With many disinfection measures in place to help stop the coronavirus, you may be wondering how best to clean your microphone, bodypack transmitter and microphone receiver. While we are not virologists and won’t be able to provide 100% medically proven advice on disinfecting technical equipment, we would like to suggest some practical measures that can help to protect you and others. We hope this information helps you in handling our products safely. Stay healthy. If you should have any further questions on this topic, please do reach out to your local Sennheiser subsidiary or partner. We are all happy to help.

Is there a possibility that the virus can spread via a microphone?
When we speak, tiny liquid droplets leave our mouth together with the air we exhale. These droplets of saliva can accumulate in and on the windscreen of a microphone, especially during close-miking. Although it is not very likely that these droplets will leave the windscreen, there is a possibility that the next speaker or singer touches the windscreen with their lips, and if this windscreen was contaminated, the virus could enter their body. The virus can also be transferred when you replace a windshield and do not observe the necessary hygiene measures. If you touch a windshield that has just been used and then touch your face, you may contract an infection.

Can I use a plastic bag as a disposable cover for my microphone?

Despite a deterioration in audio quality, many users now cover their mic windscreen with non-permeable plastic bags to avoid having to clean the windshield after every use. These plastic bags must be replaced after every interview, and strict hygiene measures need to be observed. Please be extra-careful when handling plastic bags, because they are stiffer than a windshield, so there is a risk of droplets flying off the bag. Therefore, pull the bag off carefully, turning the bag inside out. Ideally you should wear a face mask, safety goggles, and two pairs of disposable gloves, one on top of the other. Throw away the outer pair with the used plastic bag.

What is the best way to disinfect device surfaces?

The World Health Organization recommends various alcohol-based disinfectants against the coronavirus. During standard product quality control, we test the surfaces of our devices with ethanol and isopropyl alcohol. However, we cannot predict the effects of other types of disinfectants on our products. Therefore, please test the disinfectant first before applying it to the entire device surface. Make sure to take all relevant hygiene measures and wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any risk of infection.

Does a thermal treatment help?

Our windscreens are usually made of polyurethane foam. This material is temperature-resistant and hardly changes its physical properties at temperatures of up to 100° centigrade. However, please note that a hot wash at 90°C entails considerable mechanical and chemical stress, which is likely to damage any printed logos on the windshield. Handwashing the windscreen at lower temperatures using a degreasing detergent should be effective against the fat coating on the virus – and is likely not to damage any printed logo. Again, please note that we are no virologists and cannot be held responsible if the outlined procedures do not annihilate the virus.

We do not recommend a regular thermal treatment of our microphones, transmitters, or receivers. Usually, these devices are specified for an operating temperature of up to 55°C. For short periods of time, the products will also withstand higher temperatures. However, we would question the effort involved with such a thermal treatment. In our opinion, washing your hands regularly and thoroughly before, during and after operating the products is much more useful.

Sennheiser Produktaufnahmen

Reproduced by the kind permission of Sennheiser Middle East

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Bright Lights Appointed Turbosound Distributor in Oman

In keeping with our policy of providing the best audio products available in the market today, we are pleased to announce Bright Lights Trading LLC has been appointed as the official Turbosound Distributor for the Sultanate of Oman.

Ever since its formation in 1970, UK Manufacturer Turbosound has a had a long history of innovation and leadership in the world of Pro Audio.

Over the coming months we will have products in stock for our clients in Oman, in the mean time you can visit for a full line up on the outstanding products on offer.

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Craaft Audio – (Nova) Manufacturer to close

It has been announced that the owners of Craaft Audio will retire at the end of March 2020.

There has been a concerted effort to find new owners for this successful company without success, so it is with regret that from the 01 April 2020 we will no longer supply Nova Products to the Middle East market.

Clients who currently own Nova products should not worry, we will support their products for the foreseeable future and we are currently holding a reasonable amount of replacement drivers should they be required.

Bright Lights Trading LLC will be announcing in the near future the distribution of new loudspeaker products.

We thank Craaft Audio for their support over the past 8 years and wish Ernst and Heinz a long and enjoyable retirement.

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FENIX Stage is based in Valencia, Spain, and manufactures lifting towers, trussing, stage platforms and accessories.

All Fenix Stage products are designed, manufactured and tested by qualified engineers to guarantee maximum safety to their customers and the end user.

Bright Lights Trading LLC is the exclusive distributor of Fenix Stage products for the Sultanate of Oman.

The Nemesis Series of lifting towers is composed of three folding and light weight lifting towers that are light in weight, easy to carry and of an affordable price.

Named as NEMESIS 80, NEMESIS 110 and the NEMESIS PRO these lifting towers have been manufactured for use in small applications for raising line array sound systems, lighting and trussing. Their innovative design means their legs can be used in three positions, depending on the elevation requirements and working space. A special adjustment system allows the different sections to rise smoothly, whilst avoiding oscillation between the bars.

Maximum height: 3m
Folded height: 1,55m
Maximum load: 80kg

For more information about this tower visit the following link:

Maximum height: 4m
Folded height: 1,55m
Maximum load: 110kg

NEMESIS 110 is a light, affordable and easy-to-carry FENIX lifter

For more information about this tower visit the following link:

Maximum height: 3,80m
Folded height: 1,38m
Maximum load: 100kg

FENIX NEMESIS PRO telescopic lifting tower

For more information about this tower visit the following link:

TRANSPORTING YOUR LIFTING TOWERS IS SO EASY with its own transport bag with handle and wheels. The FENIX AC-523B will help you to carry your light towers everywhere you want.

Transport bag with handles and wheels for lifting towers of Nemesis Series
Transport bag with handles and wheels for lifting towers of Nemesis Series
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BRIGHT LIGHTS TRADING is the official distributor of sound products in Muscat, Oman

Bright Lights Trading in Muscat, Oman is the official distributor and dealer for many professional sound products in the Middle East. With our superb product range we offer an unbeatable after-sales service.

Hire Sound & Lights from Bright Lights, Muscat in Oman
Hire Sound & Lights from Bright Lights, Muscat in Oman

Distributor of OHM in Oman

Speakers, ceiling speakers, system controllers, flying hardware

Distributor of NOVA in Oman and for the Middle East
Speakers, system controllers, amplifiers, flying hardware, powered speakers

Professional sound from Bright Lights in Muscat, Oman
Professional sound from Bright Lights in Muscat, Oman

Distributor of LABGRUPPEN in Oman
Amplifiers, system controllers, lake controller

Dealer for PIONEER in Oman

All DJ equipment including CD Players and Mixers

Hire staging & truss from Bright Lights in Muscat, Oman
Hire staging & truss from Bright Lights in Muscat, Oman

Distributor of FORMULA SOUND in Oman and for the Middle East

Mixers, Zoners, Limiters that all provide “Studio-quality Sound”

Distributor of E.V. (Electro Voice) in Oman

Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixers. Sister company to Dynacord

Bespoke DJ Consoles by Bright Lights in Muscat Oman
Bespoke DJ Consoles by Bright Lights in Muscat Oman

Dealer for SENNHEISER in Oman

Microphones, Headphones

Distributor for TANNOY SPEAKERS in Oman




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Special Events In Muscat, Oman

No-one creates a party atmosphere like Bright Lights Trading in Muscat, Oman.

Whatever your event, you can rest assured that our fully qualified team will provide your vision of a Special Occasion using the best professional equipment at a great price. We will deliver, set up and engineer the whole event so you may sit back and enjoy the experience.

Dance Floor For Hire
Dancing the night away on special dance floor

Where can I hire a sound system in Muscat, Oman?
Bright Lights Trading in Muscat supplies professional sound equipment for hire in Muscat, Oman. We supply Audio systems for any event, large or small; with fully qualified engineers to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Where can I hire lighting in Muscat, Oman?
Bright Lights Trading in Muscat supplies professional lighting for hire in Muscat, Oman. Bright Lights has lighting systems to suit any occasion from small parties, to formal weddings and to lighting the outside of buildings.

Where can I hire special effects in Muscat, Oman?
Bright Lights Trading in Muscat, Oman has all the special effects you could imagine to ensure your event runs smoothly with all the sound, lighting and special effects you could wish for. Even specialised dance floors with lights that dance to the music or pyrotechnics and confetti cannons can be arranged to make your event even more spectacular.

 For Further Info Please:-

Phone: 00968 2449 4313
Visit our website